Carl's - Rare 1 of 1 '70 Plymouth Cuda 440-6 pack Shaker!

Rotisserie high quality restoration of a matching no. Cuda 440-6 pack!


Carl's - Rare 1 of 1 '70 Plymouth Cuda 440-6 pack Shaker!

Carl from Sweden loves Mopar's and this amazing 1 of 1 ever build Cuda was exactly what he wanted for his collection of rare Mopar's. 


The car he felt he missed in his awesome collection was found at PTTM as a project car. For Carl, it was the perfect car, as he wanted a high quality and freshly restored the car and he felt that PTTM was the place to have it done as we have done some other cars for him before. The car was already very complete and partially done, but we are going to start all over and do a high-quality restoration on this rare car.  His car is a Real-deal 1970 Plymouth Cuda (V Code car) with 440 Sixpack and a factory shaker hood car! in factory FC7 Plumcrazy! 

The car is matching numbers! And a very rare original Super performance axle package with 4.10 gears and Dana 60 rear axle car, and one of two only build with a painted Blacktop, very unique! The car also has many other special options and will be a true collector car when done.  The car will be completely rotisserie restored and the complete engine and drivetrain will also be rebuilt in our own shops. 

We feel a This rare Cuda is one of the best looking Muscle.

The Project is on its way!