Bence's 1969 Chevy Camaro Pro touring special

Complete transformation of a 69 Camaro by PTTM


Bence's 1969 Chevy Camaro Pro touring special

Bence from Hungary was looking for a lifelong dream car, a 1969 Camaro and found it in our showroom.


The car was already in amazing condition with a laser straight body and paint job, but Bence had is own idea's on how his dream Camaro should be like. So together with the PTTM restoration crew, Bence discussed his plans and dreams and a plan was made to re-rebuild the complete car and do a complete makeover on it. The car will now soon be taken apart and the current, tamer 454 big block engine will be replaced with a brand-new build ultra rare LS7 454 engine with more than 500hp which will be hooked up to a TH700 R4 performance transmission with overdrive instead of the current TH350 trans that were under the car. 

Other changes we will perform on the car are 4 wheel disc brake kit with performance calipers. All new bigger custom alu wheels with wider tires. New and upgraded interior details. A new exhaust system front to back. Installing a modern but classic looking stereo system. Install rack & pinion steering system. Upgrade the complete suspension system and much more. When we're done with this car it will be an old school looking Camaro with a more modern type of suspension and one hell of an engine and drive train...

We thank Bence for choosing PTTM to do these upgrades!

THIS WILL TURN OUT AWESOME FOR SURE! The project is underway!