PTTM Dragracing races a 3500HP strong 67' Camaro in the FIA European Pro Modified championship.



PTTM Drag racing & Vegter pro mod racing joined forces in 2016 and since 2017 we know race completely under the PTTM dragracing flag!. a completely new car design is coming soon during the 2017 season. PTTM Speedshop will remain one of the main sponsors for the coming years as for them is a way to keep improving there engine and car building department and to stay in touch with there clients and fans. The team races throughout Europe in the FIA Pro-modified European dragrace championship with a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro that's running a 4000+HP Blown Hemi V8 engine that runs on Methanol fuel. The driver is the well known Dutch racer David Vegter. The complete car, engine, and equipment are developed and maintained by the PTTM Dragracing team. Many new details were added and changed to the car, the engine was rebuilt and improved, the chassis got its upgrades and we mounted a lightweight hood and new doors to the car.

Seeing we want to keep going faster this is a process that never stops !. Besides the car, we also invested in a new team trailer and truck which is a huge asset to the team and the transportation of our team throughout Europe. The race car can be called one of the fastest muscle cars on the planet, as the car is good for speeds close to 400 KMH within a the 1/4 mile and that's all done in under 6 seconds. That's fast!

The team members are: Fred Dorland : Team manager - David Vegter: Driver & Crew chief Crew : Elin Lindegren - Willem van Balen - Nick Spijker - Gerard Huizinga BEST 1/4 mile ET sofar : 5,956 seconds and more to come ! Sponsors : Pedaltothemetal Speedhop - Playboy energy drink - Dutchboxx Golfkarton - HKR Techniek - WVB Holland - Red line motor oils For the 2017 season the following races are planned : 26-29th May - Santa Pod England 15-18th June - Tierp arena- Sweden 30/6- 02 July - Alastaro - Finland 18-20th August - Hochenheim ring - Germany 24-27th August - Tierp arena 2 - Sweden 7-10th September - Santa pod finals - England.

Come and visit us during one of these events! Or follow us live on More news about the team and their activities here soon!


2016 Season

The goal for the near future is to get the first European championship title in Pro modified drag racing to Holland!. For that, the team gets a new engine and blower set-up and many other improvements. The first Test & tune of the new set-up was tested successfully at Malmo raceway Sweden and the first race event in 2016 was at Santapod. Later on, in the 2016 season, a new personal record for the car and team was set with the first ever 5 second! pass with an end speed of almost 400 kmh was set at the Tierp Dragrace arena in Sweden. Something only a select few Pro mod teams ever set in their careers. The 2016 season was closed off with a successful 5th place overall and with that team, PTTM/Vegter was the best Dutch Pro-mod team this year.

For next year the hunt is on for a position in the top three and it looks promising in this otherwise highly competitive race class. PTTM will follow and support the team closely and we will present updates here on Facebook and on our website. If your a drag race fan and plan on visiting one of the many FIA race events, be sure to watch PTTM and David and his team closely and give them your support! A new 2017 Race calendar will follow here soon! Stay tuned!