Dragracing is an important part of the shop's constant process in improving and testing their engines and skills.

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PTTM dragrace team.

The PTTM dragrace team, from past to present are an important part of the shop's constant process in improving and testing their engines and tech skills, as well as a nice way to meet Muscle car friends, clients and Speedshop customers from all over Europe. And of course to enjoy the sport and fascination for high performance V8 cars.

This also gives a very special and open atmosphere in the shop, as well as in the drag race team, as with the teams the support,  witch is run in the same manor, professional, but ! still "hobby based" ! . A place were mutual minded people have fun with there cars and enjoy there combined passion for high quality muscle cars and
all forms of racing !. There know-how of performance V8 engines, drive lines and chassis and suspension and brake set-ups were all born on the dragrace track's of Europe. 
Besides all that PTTM also has a huge database at there disposal that consists of fellow partners, friends and racers throughout the world.
PTTM is also Europe's home and importer of the worldfamous B1 Aluminium heads, developed by there well known partners at Koffels place Ohio USA and the PTTM race team is part of that legacy were these heads are also tested and tuned. 

PTTM dragracing started there race activities more than 15 years ago in the street racing classes,with a1968 Dodge coronet and moved up to Supergas and Super comp with a 800HP Dodge Demon race car and later raced in several types of Super-class races with a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 550 cui 2000HP B1 Headed, methanol Blower motor, a car that was build to race in the 7' second range on the 1/4 mile.
This car is still under development and might hit the tracks again in the near future. 
At one point more than 4 race car's and 3 drivers were part of PTTM dragracing activities and the were success full.  
Currently the team races a 67'Pro mod chevy camaro in the FIA European championship with driver David Vegter ( see our "present" webpage )

Driver / team of the 69 RR:
Fred Dorland - Chief mechanic : Sido Zeilstra - 1th mechanic & starter : Max Dorland - and several assisting members of the PTTM speedshop crew. 

The car :  a 1969 Plymouth roadrunner, build and developed by PTTM, with a 2000HP 550cui KB full alu engine with B1 heads and a dual carbed blower on methanol hooked up to a Pro build Power glide trans and a Fab 9 rearend with Strange modular casing and 4.11 rear end gears.