PTTM Restoration

Full & Partial restoration

We offer a full auto restoration or just a partial restoration service, which can be tailored to your requirements and budget.

25 years experience

We have a special paint department and a powdercoat and re-chrome shop with more than 25 years of car painting experience.

Exterior & Interior

We have restored many award winning cars over the years and have the right knowledge in how to correctly restore your dream car.

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At PedalToTheMetal we provide high quality partial and full restorations, from body off or rotisserie for your classic car.

  • Restoration
  • Bodyshop
  • Paintshop
  • Body dipping & coating
  • We have restored more than 35 cars over the last years, in various stages and our paintshop handled many, many more. Were PROUD of our work, and LOVE to restore classic cars back into there original condition, or if the car is passed that stage, we also enjoy building them into Pro-touring cars or other custom classics. We are specialised in muscle cars with Mopars as our main specialisation, but we also work on classic english cars or YES even italian cars. But if were also asked to rebuild the cars engine and drivetrain, we limit ourselves to V8's only ( any brand ).

  • In our bodyshop we do partial restorations on car body's and chassis, up untill full rottiserie restorations. We also do all metal and repair work here,make exhaust systems, roll bars and complete car frames and roll bars fore oval, street, track and dragrace cars. We also make all sheetmetal or chassis parts here by hand and have all the needed equipment for al sorts of metals. We also build subframes and ladderbar or 4 link systems in cars and develop parts here for the aftermarket. From matching numbers correct show cars, custom build Pro street's or Resto-mod's cars or a top notch Pro touring car. We have all the disciplines needed to build or restore your dreamcar !

  • In our professional paint shop we handle everything from parts to complete cars. We also have a special paint department and a powdercoat and re-chrome shop. We have more than 25 years of car painting experience. We have a large database in original factory muscle car paint codes and chips and can mix any colour you want or need. We work with a A or B painting system which depending on your budget and choices we can provide good and affordable paintjobs up until high quality top paintwork & polishing for high end restorations and show cars.

  • The process assures you that your metal and hard-plastic parts will be cleaned thoroughly without damaging the steel structure, something that will happen with sandblasting or hand sanding. The biggest advantage is that its saves you LOADS of work in cleaning and sanding of all the old paint, under coatings and dirt and rust ! The dipping process cleanse out each and every corner and also all hollow structures like the inside of the doors, K.member, support frames and inner fender areas etc. ALL your metal or hard plastic parts can be dipped with a car, like bolts, nuts, frames, engine,parts wheels, etc etc !.. We have special support and transport frames, as well as dipping frames in our shop to be sure your car or parts will be handled without the risk to damage or incorrect processing.


Full and partial body repair and restoration
Re-Chroming and coating
Grill repairs
Trim and molding repairs
Convertible top and frame work
Window / glass restorations
Window guides repairs
Exhaust repairs and builds
Body aligning and balancing
Supension and steering restowork
Steering wheel restorations
Rearaxle rebuilds
And much more
Full and partial interior repair and restoration
Interior re-upholstery
Electrical / wiring repairs and restoration
Dashboard repair and restoration
Gauges repair and restoration
Radio repair and restoration
Headliner repair and installation
Carperting repair and installation
Steering wheel repair and restoration
Woodgrain upgrades
Console/shifter repair and restoration
Ashtray/glovebox repair and restoration
And many more

More information about PTTM restorations?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information or price quotes, we are here to help you!


What our clients say

  • You dont need to pay ahead, but afterwards and they also can adjust the workprogress to your budget or timetable and that is UNIQUE in the business....

  • Their way of communicating and working is realy bulletproof and i was welcome to see my car and work progress every day of the week !

    The Netherlands
  • They make complete foto & video documentations of the work thats beeing done step by step and there invoices are clear and explained with no hidden or un-expected setbacks.

A few cars build by PTTM Restorations