Engine for Sale: 550 Ci Mopar 1300–2000 HP

If you’re racing in different classes, this is the motor your car needs! Due to 3 different set-up pulley and jet kits, you basically have 3 engines. Custom built aluminum Keith Black 550 cubic inches (9.075 cc) short block with ported B1/BS Heads Pro-build Little Field Blower 1951 HP | 1650 lb-ft of torque


Engine for sale: Engine for Sale: 550 Ci Mopar 1300–2000 HP

Request a live viewing of the engine running today! It comes with full blueprint, build report, dyno video and build pictures.

- PTTM & Koffel’s Place Build
- Stage 2 B1 heads with Titanium Retainers
- K-Motion Racing Springs
- Littlefield Polished 10-71 Stripper Blower (Supercharger)
- Dual 850 ADP Alkycontrol 100% Methanol Injection System
- Mopar Performance Locked Out Ignition & MSD 10 box
- PTTM custom built Race Headers, heat treated and coated
- Custom grind Crane Roller Cam and Roller Rockers
- Fully balanced Moldex crank
- Bill Miller Engineering (BME) Rods and aluminium Caps
- ARP Studs & Bolts
- Custom Diamond Racing Pistons
- Custom Charlie’s Aluminum Oil Pan, external fed and return lines

On request additions to this motor are available, including:
Fuel system and fuel pump
Powerglide Racing Automatic Transmissions 2500 HP Pro-build
Custom headers, mounting plates and hardware
Service and support by PTTM/ Koffel’s
Use this unique offer to get 50% off the sale price of a new 2000 HP engine (north of € 35,000.-)

Factory Mopar
Engine type V8
Engine size 550 cui (9075cc)
Heads B1/BS alu heads ported
Fuel specification Methanol
Fuel delivery system Electric external fuel pump
Condition As new
Price in euros
€ 17500,- Contact us for more information