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B1 Heads

General B1 Heads information Engine_b1_met_rand.jpg

Mopar's B1 heads are the result of more than 50 years experience and developing high performance engines by Koffels place in the US. Up and till today B1 heads are getting further developed through an extensive test program on the street and on the strip by Koffels place own test car and facilities,
So in fact these heads are not the end result off days gone by, like most brands!, but are really modern and up to date....and make many winning combinations on street, strip and other sorts of race cars. 

B1 heads are made out of the highest grades of aluminium and are cast in a partnership with brodix
however the knowledge and development centre is at Ohio with Koffelsplace... home of Mopar's B1 .

Advantages : Aluminium heads are much lighter ( up to 150%) than there steel opponents, also aluminium
absorbs and guides heat in a much better way than steel. This means the heads internally
stay cooler and the combustion is optimal. Also aluminium is a much easier material to
work with for port, valve and flow job's and it also can resist much higher compression
ratio's than steel. That's the mean reason why almost every serious race or hi-po streetcar
uses them. Also with aluminium heads its possible to repair tears or damages in case that
would be needed, so a aluminium head has a potential bigger lifespan than a steel one...
That's why a properly build 440 or strokerversion combined with B1 heads is a very strong
fast and light combination. Much stronger and faster than for instance a 426 hemi....

Types : Basically there are 3 types of B1 heads : Street/strip in Small & big block versions
full race versions. All of them can be ordered with custom valve and port & valve jobs
you require, ore witch we can advice. Next to that we also provide bare replacement
heads and spare parts. We also can provide a fitting camshaft, rockerkits and the

Advice ? : If you want or need any advice concerning :
Piston choices, Cam choices, intake and fuel system set up's, to get the best performance
out of your engine and B1 head's...
DON'T HESITATE.... call or mail us, we are glad to assist and advice you... we have more
than 50 years of experience and are sure we can help you to pick a winning set up too.

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